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As industry veterans with incomparable domain expertise, views of our senior management always draw media attention.


We are committed to help hoteliers in every way by providing our intuitive and end to end Hotel ERP along with several other products. We efficiently help them Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs & Improve Operations and Enhance Guest Experience.


We have integrated our Hotel ERP with a smart Channel Manager Solution. This integration helps our Hotel ERP users to better distribute their inventory across multiple channels. It aids them sell more rooms and increase occupancy which leads to increased revenue.


With our integrated Hotel ERP in place, hoteliers don’t have to invest more to buy additional softwares. Moreover, Food & Beverage Costing and Materials Management module of the Hotel ERP helps users tally total cost of consumption against F&B revenue. This will help them reduce raw material costs.

Our Hotel ERP comes with FortuneNEXT iAlert, which lets the users enhance operational capabilities. The solution sends alerts to managers and staff on events on events like VIP Check-in, complaints and high bills etc. It also allows hotels communicate and stay in touch with their guests by sending out SMS alerts.


FortuneNEXT 6i Hotel ERP users can significantly enhance guest experience at their properties by leveraging mobility solutions like Easy Check-in and Easy Dine. While Easy Check-in helps hotels reduce the guest check-in time to a great extent, Easy Dine, the e-menu app provides ultimate dining experience to their guests.

Hotel 360

IDS Next Hotel ERP empowers your hotel operations with a unique solution set called Hotel 360.

“Competition was increasing in our town and we needed more information than just financial data.IDS NEXT provided a solution that is everything hospitality. It allowed us to make decisions with peace of mind. Because within a few keyboard strokes you have data that affirms your decision. For everything from guest satisfaction to improving operational efficiency, this is the tool.”

Douglas Pidi, General Manager
Douglas Pidi, General ManagerKokopo Village Resort, Papua New Guinea

“The Heritage Park Hotel, Solomon Islands has been using IDS Next software for the last five years, and we recently upgraded to FortuneNEXT 6i Enterprise. Our experience with the IDS Next Hotel ERP has been good and we have used their software extensively to better manage our hotel, and access improved visibility into our hotel operations. Even with the distance and the time gap, we have got good post-sales support from IDS Next.”

Sanjay Bhargava, General Manager
Sanjay Bhargava, General ManagerHeritage Park Hotel, Solomon Islands

“The Grand Pacific Hotel is an icon in Fiji and has been at the forefront of hospitality in the country for a brilliant century. We have established the standard of luxury that is fit for royalty, and when we needed to adopt technology to fit that benchmark, we turned to IDS Next. We are delighted to have adopted their FortuneNEXT 6i Enterprise, and even more heartened to be associated with a pioneer in hotel software.”

Eugen Diethelm, General Manager
Eugen Diethelm, General Manager The Grand Pacific Hotel, Suva – Fiji Islands

“Over the years, we have developed persona relationship with IDS Next. We have the liberty of calling IDS Next associate at 3 AM (IST) and have received technical assistance. Personal touch is the key and this is where IDS Next scores over the rest.”

Kevin Yaxley, Executive Director
Kevin Yaxley, Executive DirectorAirways Hotel, Papua New Guinea
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